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“From concept to reality”

My passion and expertise is to transform ideas, emotions, themes and stories into visual spectacles. I approach each project from a multidisciplinary perspective, integrating sets, media and technology to tell a story in a seamless way, engaging the audience and creating an impact. I have an extensive theatre background and many years of experience working for the Theme Park and Museum world, where I contributed to many unique successful award wining projects. I have been involved with projects from very first story line to final installation, or joined for a specific task.
I would be delighted to be part of your team and your project, large or small, and bring your idea to life.

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Production design/ Creative art direction

I bring a multifaceted design experience for Theme Parks attractions, Museums immersive shows, Theatre Opera and Special Events. I provide a wide range of design services from first brainstorm, thru final approved design and installation. I bring fresh perspective and creative solutions with ability to actualize the design. Services include: Design and consultation, concept design, media art direction, art department management and construction oversight.

Story and themes development

Everything has a story! Whether it’s a ride, an historical museum show or a theatre play, the story will always guides the visuals. My passion is to create the perfect balance between the visuals and the storyline, bringing themes to life, giving shapes and color to emotions, creating an impact and connecting with audiences of all ages.

Media design art direction

In collaboration with directors, creative team, animators and projection experts, I provide story concepts, and initial ideas for visual style and scene visual flow. I create media diagrams, projection and set configurations, image lists, research and mood boards. I develop scenes, concept art, layered backgrounds with moving parts, and detailed notated scenes storyboards. As per project ‘s needs, I manage progress, hire artists, and art direct animation process.

Concept Design

From first doodle, in ideation session , to final key art, I create sets, scenes, environments, media concept, in 2D and 3D models with diverse illustration methods.


Scenes design and story development for shows and media design. In collaboration with writers and directors, I provide sequence design, key scenes changes, including actor's action, projected image and notation for animation process. From a rough pencil sketch to final key art, I will draw your story with an eclectic illustration styles to match the production themes.


With many accomplished projects, construction supervision and installation, I keep an eye on the whole and the details. I have a broad understanding of set construction process, vendors selection, ongoing communication and ability to maneuver through changes or unpredictability, deadlines and budget constraint.

Technical Drawings

I provide, produce and supervise plans, detailed elevations, layouts, seating and sight-lines configurations, auditorium adaptation and design, lists, and material specifications .

Graphic Design and Custom Props

Custom made signage, murals, period graphics, specialty prop design from hand props to oversized objects.

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Personal Art